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Virtual Event Maker Vemaker allows your work life and events to interact in the online world. GET STARTED Conferences,
Workshops and Events
Create an unforgettable experience for your audience.
We offer a communication solution
that transforms your events into virtual environment experiences.
Areas where you can have B2B meetings, meeting rooms
and special areas designated for face-to-face private meetings.
GET STARTED Teamwork Spaces

Virtual Event Maker Vemaker allows your work life and events to interact in the online world. GET STARTED
Remote and Together

Vemaker provides the opportunity to interact in the online world. We created immersive, highly interactive worlds for events, trainings and collaborations. You can now join this experience.

Conference - Training Hall

Are you looking for a corporate-scale 3D world that uses immersive technology to support your activities and training in Vemaker training and conference areas?

Meeting Rooms

How is it to show your guests a fast and visionary approach in the new generation world? The interaction you will experience is more personal than text chat, stronger from video call, more attractive than any other.

Exhibition Hall

Wouldn't it be more efficient to have an online platform where you can see all the brands together and chat and communicate easily without having to get tired and walk around the exhibition for hours?

Activity Fields

Do you want to have an unforgettable experience for your participants? Vemaker is designed to promote the social interaction and collaboration of participants from all over the world.


Opportunities Provided by VEM;

Simple and Complex, 2 Different Interface Modes

General use with interface variations that will feel like a part of everyone designed for different users and age ranges.

Creating Avatars and User Animations

Animator interface that allows users to create their own avatars with different body parts and make the gestures they want with animations.

Special Voice Communication Solutions

The opportunity for the participants to talk independently from the community (digital whispering) through the private areas where they heard each other as a group and among them a private voice channel.

Exhibition Stands and Advertising Boards

Advertising boards that can be arranged according to events and congresses, ready-made stand modules designed for the exhibition hall and their branding controls.

Simultaneous Translation System

Separate audio channels simultaneously translating the narratives of the participants presenting on the stage and their interface reaching the translators.

Registration - Mailing - Login system

Entry system where attendees register very easily, can pay, are directed to the application link and learn the time of the event.

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  • VEM Avatar Creator

    With VEM Avatar Creator, Design your own avatar the way you want.

  • B2B Areas

    Conduct your meetings in B2B areas reserved for you. New networking possibilities.

  • Advanced Presentations

    Present with your 3D avatar, with the help of your webcam feed. Converse, discuss and moderate. Just the way you like it.

  • Executive Rooms

    You can have your guests in your own room, and you can bring the design of your room to Vemaker.

  • Meeting Rooms

    You can hold your meetings in meeting rooms where your office designs are adapted.

The islands of vem await you for your events
Who we are ?

Vemaker is a Modern Innova project that has been providing solutions with virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies for many years.

Modern Innova has been developing new and unique ways for brands that it has been working with since 2011 to provide their audiences with more innovative, memorable experiences.

Kerem Gençler
Co-Founder / Business
Alper Gökçer
Co-Founder / Projects
Yaman Terzioğlu
Co-Founder / Dev. Ops
Çetin Yako Dalva
Co-Founder / Marketing
Okan Aydoğu
3D Art Lead
Mehmet Akder
3D Artist
Dorukhan Akar
Development Lead
Ahmet Burçoğlu
Software Developer
Burcu Karadağ
Marketing Lead
Orkun Balcı
Blockchain Developer
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