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Metaverse is an enhanced version of Virtual Reality (VR), many people see the metaverse as the
future of the internet. The word “Metaverse” was coined by the combination of the words Meta
(beyond) and Universe (universe).
Although it is a concept mostly used by the game world, you can work, play games, go to the movies,
socialize or just wander around for exploration in a fictional universe created with Metaverse
Exciting trends and ideas about the digital world and augmented reality pop up every few years and
then disappear. Especially the utopian scenes created by the cinema industry are generally exciting
for both the ordinary members of the society and the software and creative industries. For example,
most people imagine using their 3D avatar in a virtual reality where their own representational
image is used in familiar footage from movie scenes. Metaverse, just like in those utopian movies,
will begin to enter our lives through various channels as a digital world of your own choosing and a
data warehouse that copies your consciousness, memory, memories and experiences.
Why Attractive?
The opinion that the concept of metaverse will shape the future is quite dominant. Leading and
wealthy investors and big tech firms tend to do a lot of research and development on the metaverse.
It seems that these actors don’t want to lag behind the game if the metaverse is confirmed to be the
future of the internet.
In fact, the most famous and well-known of these, Facebook, has made creating a meta-data
warehouse one of its top priorities. The company is working on and experimenting with a VR meeting
app called Workplace and a social space called Horizons, both of which use virtual avatar systems.
Companies from different sectors apply to the metaverse, especially for the promotion of their
products and commercial activities. You see, one day, when you go shopping online, you first try on
digital clothes and then order them in the real world…
Whether it social media or virtual reality; Whether in online games or in the cryptocurrency space,
the topics covered by the metaverse have actually been present in our lives for years. The
development and evolution of the Metaverse is also likely to set the pace of competition among tech
giants for many years to come.

Why now?
Metaverse’s growth has also accelerated with the rapidly growing process of working from home
during the pandemic process. With the shutdown, digital communication platforms like Slack or
Microsoft Teams have familiarized people with the core concepts that make up the reality of the
In fact, companies are trying to digitally replicate office life and employee interaction for those
working from home. For example, DW uses formal chat rooms called "break room" and "corridor" to
encourage casual conversation among colleagues via the metaverse.
If you are interested in this topic and want to know more, you can use Neal Stephenson’s Snow
Crash (1992) written in 1992. Since then, the most prominent example of the metaverse that has
been the subject of many movies is The Matrix, a legendary and cult movie where people live in a
virtual world created by artificial intelligence and are unaware that it is not the real world.

Metadata is often considered the next version of the internet. You can think of it as a virtual space
that is constantly online and actively shared. If Metaverse truly succeeds in replacing the internet, we
say, “prepare yourself for the new future”!



One of the main reasons businesses started to hold webinars was to be able to offer quality content to the target audience in a short time and with minimum effort. Considering that webinars only last a few hours, this is one of the fastest and most effective conversion methods in marketing in terms of brand visibility.

Webinars have been an important marketing and engagement tool in recent years, and the use of virtual events has skyrocketed, especially during the pandemic. According to the reviews, the number of B2B brands holding live webinars in the US increased by 36% even in February and March of 2020 alone. You should know the latest developments and trends in webinar for your company.

Here, we have compiled these recent Webinar trends for you.

Hello to Global Meetings

In the last year, we have adapted to many new technologies in order to avoid interruptions in business and business partnerships. It has gained the ability to use the world web conferencing technology easily with virtual meetings and digital connections. This made it easy to spread to a transnational audience. At this point, the only thing event creators need to pay attention to is to organize international time zones well.

Increased Participant Engagement

Gone are the old days when a presenter shared his screen in webinars and the entire event took place with other participants watching it. Now interactive webinars are in trend. With this new development, webinars have turned into a dynamic conversation thanks to live polls, mutual chat and real-time participant interaction tools. All you need is to find the right platform.

Timings Shortened

The duration of events prepared with marketing webinars began to shorten relatively. The preferred duration for a webinar is 30 to 40 minutes, given attendee attention and event efficiency. If you are planning a longer event, you may start to lose potential customers.

Internet Connection Only

Companies focus on virtual events for marketing, training and recruitment purposes and are turning to webinar platforms to host effective webinars. You only need to have an internet connection for this.

Personal Experiences Are In Trend

As in all sales and marketing strategies in the world, tailor-made solutions have started to come to the fore in web events. Creating a more personalized experience for webinar attendees with customized invitations and reminder emails is also on the trend. It is even possible to create a fictional universe for the webinar and even more memorable participation with custom made avatars for your profile.

Avatars Replaced Photos

The virtual reality world has become even richer with animator interfaces that allow participants and users to define their body parts and create their own avatars. Participants can caricature themselves in a way by creating their own character avatar from a wide variety of typologies. Replacing their photos with their own avatars on forums or chat programs has become quite attractive for the participants.

If you want to examine and take a quick look at the possibilities these trends can open for your company, click:


The fictional case competition with the participation of 40 law students took place at Vemaker. The students were separated as the defendant and plaintiff parties, and they carried out a fictional lawsuit. In the online lawsuit we conducted in cooperation with Aksan Law Firm, students had the opportunity to hold a hearing in a real court environment. As a result of the trials under the direction of the jury members, the jury evaluated the submitted petitions and the trial performance of the teams.
In the online event organized in cooperation with Aksan Law Office, university students had the chance to learn about the digital competencies and ways of doing business of the future through the virtual courtroom.

Defendants and plaintiffs came together in the virtual courtroom.
Before the lawsuit, the teams that met on the subject with the workshops formed came together over an event text, and in this context, a lawsuit and response petition was created. The teams then prepared for the hearing with two meetings on the platform.

On the day of the fictional lawsuit, the defendant and plaintiff teams met in the virtual courtroom. With the hearings in which students, jurors, observers and spectators represented themselves with an avatar, the closest fictional trial environment to a real case was created.

It paved the way for the courts to be held in the virtual environment.
In addition to the fact that the litigation competition is the first virtual court and hearing held online; With the litigation competition we organized in cooperation with Aksan Law Firm, we have signed another project that has never been done before. With this project, we paved the way for courts to be held in a virtual environment.


The annual MultiForesee conference was held on the Vemaker platform this year.

In the conference with the theme of “Forensic Imaging and Biometrics” organized in cooperation with Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU); While the work of researchers from different disciplines took place, invited speakers shared the latest developments in this field with the participants.

Vemaker brought together academics from all over the world. Academicians, scientists and forensic medicine experts from research departments of different countries attended the conference, which aims to display forensic findings in an innovative way and to develop techniques for analyzing these findings. At the platform, which draws attention with its purpose-built 3D spaces and many presentation tools, during the event; stands, corridors, social areas and speaker areas were actively used. While a total of 116 participants met at the conference at the same time, the participants also had the chance to network during the lunch break and presentation breaks during the 3-day event.

With the MultiForesee conference we held on our platform; We brought together academicians, scientists and forensic medicine experts and presented a real life simulation to the participants. At the event, where some presentations were made over the Zoom platform, these presentations were broadcast simultaneously with the Vemaker platform. In this way, while the conversations on Zoom were transferred to the conference room, the questions in the hall were transferred to Zoom participants in real time.

During the event, all technical possibilities of Vemaker such as screen and webcam sharing and customized PDF presentations were used. With the ‘after party’ organized after the event, the participants relieved their tiredness by having fun.”






According to the accepted approach in meeting and event organizations today, the “power of
establishing a face-to-face connection” cannot easily be replaced by alternative forms of
communication. However, it is not always easy, affordable or accessible to bring people together in
one place for various reasons. This is why virtual and mixed events have become increasingly
popular in recent years.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about running successful virtual meetings
and events. How can you ensure that getting your meetings and events online is successful without
hurting your budget, achieving your goals, increasing attendance and budgeting? Why should you
consider hosting a virtual event? How can you make a virtual experience successful? We will look for
answers to questions such as:

What is Virtual Event?

Virtual events, in the simplest definition, are events organized online. Virtual events are low-cost
events that have the potential for attendees to attend your event from anywhere in the world,
regardless of location. You can sign up for a detailed organization that includes single or multiple
presentation sessions or joint work sessions, webinars and workshops, conferences and seminars in
online events organized and conducted as virtual events.

Why is Virtual Events Needed?

There can be many answers to this. The first of these is easy accessibility. Virtual options allow you
to host attendees who are unable to attend your event in person.

The second reason is budget, if you want to host a big event but need to cut costs, it can be useful to
make meetings and seminars virtual. In this way, you will have the chance to sign large organizations
without the burden of renting a seminar or conference venue. In addition, it undoubtedly allows you
to save a significant amount of the participant budget spent on travel. The biggest benefit of the
decrease in transportation mobility is that the emission gases released to the environment are
reduced and that it can produce a more sustainable alternative for you in terms of economic, social
and environmental aspects.

Finally, we can count mandatory situations and closures. Due to extreme weather events, epidemics
such as Covid-19, restrictions, travel bans or many reasons that you cannot control, you may have to
make your in-person event virtual or cancel it completely. In such cases, virtual event platforms will
be your savior.

What are the Tips of Virtual Events?

The most important features you should expect from the virtual meeting and event platform
Using software that encourages dynamic content and multi-participant interaction,
Ability to connect event attendees, sponsors and promotional staff throughout your event (digital
High quality live stream support during audience Q&A,
It should have features such as offering advanced video conferencing technology.

Remember that hosting a virtual event requires just as much creativity, care and attention as
organizing a face-to-face event. If you want to organize such an event, you need to use a well-
developed, well-designed and comprehensive platform. If you want to learn more about such
platforms and need support in answering your questions, you can contact us.



With the COVID-19 epidemic, the new working order, which is called remote work or working from home, has changed the routine and has now become our new normal. So what are the remote working trends? Which occupations work remotely? What are the advantages of working remotely for employers and employees?

With the rapid adoption of current technologies and their inclusion in our lives, it has been seen that “The profession of a person determines the potential of working from home / remotely. For example, while jobs that require on-site production, physical strength or one-to-one spatial interaction cannot be done remotely, it has been seen that it is much easier to do all professions that require computer, telephone and internet connection remotely. By definition, teleworking is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers in work done outside the office (Eurofound and ILO, 2017).

So much so that the professions made through such technologies have mostly become professions that require a high level of education. In short; As the education level of the workforce increases, the content of the jobs changes and becomes more complex, but this leads to a proportional increase in the jobs that make it possible to work remotely.

This trend of transition to remote work, which is experienced in many sectors, has also been instrumental in the preparation of research and surveys showing that the popularity of remote work is increasing rapidly. If we look not so far before the pandemic, we can observe that the popularity of the concept of remote working has increased by 91% in the last 10 years.

Why Do We Work Remotely?

Internet connections that reach a serious speed, cloud storage solutions that are reliable for companies, changing behaviors, demands and attitudes regarding work-life balance and well-being, and employees who prefer to work outdoors or even in places close to natural areas, if necessary, instead of being stuck in closed office environments. The rapid growth of remote work thanks to the increase in the number of people working remotely is not surprising.

According to the researches made after the pandemic, the Z generation is the group that is most willing to work remotely, but at the same time, a significant part of the employees of the other generation are now more willing to work flexible or remotely. This is because employees

-Being able to better balance home life/work,

-Saving energy and travel time,

-Reduction in transportation costs,

-Love the feeling of freedom that comes from being independent of the place while working,

-It seems that there are criteria such as increased productivity.

According to the report prepared by the International Energy Agency on remote working; If working from home becomes a more preferred trend all over the world, it will be possible to save 250 thousand barrels of fuel per day, 11.9 million tons of fuel per year on a global level, and carbon emissions will decrease by 24 million tons.

Again, according to the same report; AmericanExpress can save between $10 and $15 million annually, as both the need for office space and office expenses are reduced thanks to the remote working opportunity.

Take Your Company One Step Ahead

In today’s conditions, where it is inevitable to adapt to this new trend, you can rent or buy virtual office spaces for your company with Vemaker, which is defined as a real life simulation. On this platform, which offers the closest experience to real life, you have the opportunity to integrate a collective virtual sharing area into your professional business life, and to carry out all your meeting and corporate communication through this virtual platform.

Moreover, when you start using the digital office, your employees who work remotely will also benefit from these opportunities and realize how much easier and faster the use of a common infrastructure makes your work.

VEM Backyard, which will be your greatest helper while constructing the future of your company, aims to enrich your Remote Working experience and to meet all your needs that will arise in the meantime. With this extraordinary experience, you can share work environments independent of space. Moreover, in addition to the Remote Working Environment and Digital Office Design service that will be created with Virtual Reality;

-Can share working environment outside the office and home,

– It can cooperate with internet infrastructure stakeholder companies,

– Benefit from psychological support partnerships,

-Education platforms can establish collaborations,

– You can access many virtual reality social activities and space usage opportunities such as concerts, travel games and exhibitions, and you can benefit from membership opportunities to various social media platforms.

Now you can increase the efficiency of your company’s remote working and your employees without leaving the corporate identity; Discover all the opportunities to improve corporate and social communication skills with Vemaker.