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Events in Vemaker
Crowds come together with Vemaker.

The concept of distance disappears and everyone can come together. There is no longer any need to go far places or spend such big budgets.


While the conversion of conferences to video calls only affected communication badly, not being able to put the participants in the right atmosphere started to reduce the motivation for both the narrator and the listener. As Vemaker, we designed a conference hall that is no different from the real thing. 

The Most Interactive Communication
While participants can see and hear the speech from every corner of the hall, the speaker can share all his presentations, files and his own image, and make more effective presentations by laser marking. At the same time, it provides a unique experience to the participants with its stylish design.

Reach wider audiences with a Simultaneous Interpreter
You can reach your participants from all over the world in the most effective way with a simultaneous translator. Thanks to the simultaneous interpretation system, we convey the narration of the speaker who is presenting on the stage to the audience through simultaneous interpretation and separate audio channels. Presentations are now much easier and more practical!

Protect Your Privacy with Private Fields
When necessary, you can deal with your participants privately, use the private rooms according to your preference and continue your communication without the participation of anyone you do not want from outside. At the same time, with spatialized audio, your conversations become quieter or louder as you move, just like in real life, so you can experience reality to the fullest!
Enspire Creative Energy Solutions Business Partners Meeting was held at Vemaker.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Enspire Creative Energy Solutions had to postpone the organization of meetings, conferences and workshops they planned to hold with many Business Partners in different provinces. In order to solve this problem, they preferred to use VEM infrastructure and to continue all meeting processes over VEM.
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