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What is a Backyard Workhub?

Backyard Workhub, which creates a way of working completely independent of the limitations of physical space, instead of the traditional perspective that sees working remotely and working from the office as 2 completely different models, offers companies solutions to change and develop the nature of work with the effect of technology.

How does the Backyard Workhub system work?

By blending AR and VR technologies with virtual and physical architectural configurations, Backyard offers solutions that shrink physical offices at various scales and grow companies by adding virtual structures next to architectural structures. Thanks to the backyard, as flexible working increases, fixed incomes decrease.

What does Backyard Workhub offer companies?

Although the model of working from home, which has become widespread with the pandemic, seems to be an attractive model, this way of working brings along many problems. In remote working, teams face problems such as communication, focus, company belonging, low motivation, hardware and infrastructure. In parallel with this, the business world is also looking for new solutions. Backyard Workhub offers a technological solution to companies by reducing fixed costs through its configurations in different models. With its VR/AR infrastructure, Backyard Workhub aims to eliminate the negative effects of remote working conditions on
 company culture, managers and employees.

What benefits does Backyard Workhub offer?

- We do more with less real estate by downsizing architectural structures.
- We reduce our carbon footprint for a better and cleaner world with a sustainable life.
- We create less garbage, less chemical waste, less air pollution.
- We save time on the road. We spend more time with our family, friends and ourselves. We reduce traffic.
- We create a greater sense of belonging by increasing the value given to the employee.
- Facilitating women's employment with the freedom to work from home and work flexible
and we strengthen the bond of working parents with their children.
- We provide stronger corporate communication.
- We ensure the elimination of isolation with socialization opportunities.
- We provide a reduction in work accidents.
- We offer a safer working environment.