The first fictional court competition held online was held at Vemaker!

The fictional case competition with the participation of 40 law students took place at Vemaker. The students were separated as the defendant and plaintiff parties, and they carried out a fictional lawsuit. In the online lawsuit we conducted in cooperation with Aksan Law Firm, students had the opportunity to hold a hearing in a real court environment. As a result of the trials under the direction of the jury members, the jury evaluated the submitted petitions and the trial performance of the teams.
In the online event organized in cooperation with Aksan Law Office, university students had the chance to learn about the digital competencies and ways of doing business of the future through the virtual courtroom.

Defendants and plaintiffs came together in the virtual courtroom.
Before the lawsuit, the teams that met on the subject with the workshops formed came together over an event text, and in this context, a lawsuit and response petition was created. The teams then prepared for the hearing with two meetings on the platform.

On the day of the fictional lawsuit, the defendant and plaintiff teams met in the virtual courtroom. With the hearings in which students, jurors, observers and spectators represented themselves with an avatar, the closest fictional trial environment to a real case was created.

It paved the way for the courts to be held in the virtual environment.
In addition to the fact that the litigation competition is the first virtual court and hearing held online; With the litigation competition we organized in cooperation with Aksan Law Firm, we have signed another project that has never been done before. With this project, we paved the way for courts to be held in a virtual environment.