The First Gastroenterology Scientific Meeting Organized in Metaverse Held at VEMAKER!

Using The Possibilities of Technology, Another First in The World Was Signed with Vemaker!


In the organization where 650 people registered in total, instant participation was recorded as 276 people. The total number of participants in the event, which had participants from 8 different countries, was 425.

Before the meeting started, the participants were asked to create an avatar of their own. These avatar features; It was created by the person’s own choice, from face shape to
clothing details. Individuals joined the party with their own designed avatar images.


The Future of Health Meets with the World of the Future!

In the organization where a total of 32 speakers from 4 different countries took part, the participants had the advantage of listening to the presentations in the language they wanted. An uninterrupted and fluent information flow was ensured at the meeting, where those who wanted had the right to speak.


During the 2 day meeting, the participants had the opportunity to communicate with new people in business life and reach new portfolios.

The event, where participants and speakers gathered on common platform, was supported by 6 different sponsors.

We are experiencing the firsts in the metaverse in Turkey together!

These opportunities offered to people in the Metaverse world will continue by transforming into different activities.

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