The MultiForesee conference was held this year on the Vemaker platform

The annual MultiForesee conference was held on the Vemaker platform this year.

In the conference with the theme of “Forensic Imaging and Biometrics” organized in cooperation with Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE) and Istanbul Technical University (ITU); While the work of researchers from different disciplines took place, invited speakers shared the latest developments in this field with the participants.

Vemaker brought together academics from all over the world. Academicians, scientists and forensic medicine experts from research departments of different countries attended the conference, which aims to display forensic findings in an innovative way and to develop techniques for analyzing these findings. At the platform, which draws attention with its purpose-built 3D spaces and many presentation tools, during the event; stands, corridors, social areas and speaker areas were actively used. While a total of 116 participants met at the conference at the same time, the participants also had the chance to network during the lunch break and presentation breaks during the 3-day event.

With the MultiForesee conference we held on our platform; We brought together academicians, scientists and forensic medicine experts and presented a real life simulation to the participants. At the event, where some presentations were made over the Zoom platform, these presentations were broadcast simultaneously with the Vemaker platform. In this way, while the conversations on Zoom were transferred to the conference room, the questions in the hall were transferred to Zoom participants in real time.

During the event, all technical possibilities of Vemaker such as screen and webcam sharing and customized PDF presentations were used. With the ‘after party’ organized after the event, the participants relieved their tiredness by having fun.”