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Enspire Creative Energy Solutions Business Partners Meeting was held at Vemaker.

“Enspire Creative Energy Solutions”, implemented by Koç Holding company “Entek Elektrik Üretim Anonim Şirketi” as of 2020, aims to provide innovative energy efficiency and distributed energy generation solutions to its customers, together with its Business Partners who are experts in their fields, by realizing Performance-Based Contracts. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to postpone the meetings, conferences and workshops they planned to hold with many Business Partners in different provinces. In order to solve this problem, they preferred to use VEM infrastructure and to continue all meeting processes over VEM.

The most important factor for them to prefer VEM was that it was possible to create special solutions for its participants, to be customizable and to provide interaction, efficiency and communication in physical meetings with Vemaker. Thanks to the VEM infrastructure, the speaker was able to share his screen and camera image with the participants, and had the opportunity to communicate with the participants in voice or in writing whenever he wanted. At the same time, personal note-taking, sharing, copying and user-specific survey answering areas specially made for the workshop areas were among the most important factors in achieving the purpose of the meeting.

The VEM platform has been transferred to the VR (Virtual Reality) platform so that all participants can participate easily and have different experiences. Participants can log in via their preferred platform (PC, Mac or VR); It offered the participants in different cities the opportunity to work together, feel each other, increase motivation and interact. Thanks to the interaction with VR, the meeting process, which requires high concentration and continuity, has become much more efficient.

In addition to the Avatar Maker feature offered by VEM, the faces of all participants were transferred to 3D avatars at the request of the brand. With the provision of a one-on-one meeting environment, the fact that participants can see their faces, provided the opportunity to establish a more effective and more personal communication than video calls. One of the most effective moments of the event was that they created an environment for socializing, chatting and developing communication among the participants without any direction. It was observed that the participants who were able to develop business relationships achieved more productive results with their increased motivation and concentration.