February 1, 2022 - Vemaker
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The First New Year Party Organized in Metaverse Happened at VEMAKER!

The business world and individual participants entered 2022 with high motivation.In the metaverse, which is a new platform for the world and offered by technology, the first party of the new year was held under the name of “Orada Olanlar”. Before starting the party, which was attended by 145 individuals and 350 people in total, the participants were asked to create an avatar of their own. These avatar features; It was created by the person’s own choice, from face shape to clothing details. Individuals joined the party the way they wanted to appear.

Everything At The Party Is Adapted To The Real World!

While 5 participant halls were opened for the companies participating in the party, 2 areas created for individual participants were used. In the party, which was organized in 7 halls in total, the managers and staff of 67 companies listened to the “Group Gündoğarken” concert, which lasted about 1 hour, together with the individual participants, and shared a different atmosphere for the first time. 

The night ended with a live DJ performance that lasted for about 2 hours, enlivening the atmosphere more, and the participants having a pleasant New Year’s Eve party.



This year, the ‘Information Technologies Summit Meta Foyer’ area organized bu ITU was held in Vemaker. For the event, a balance was created between a hybrid approach and physical and online participation with metaverse technology.

Organized in a 14.000M2 meta area, the Information Technologies Summit lasted for 2 days with the participation of 550 people.

In the meta foyer, which was prepared with the sponsorship and stands of 6 different brands, the participants had the opportunity to meet with the brands and participate in live keynote presentations.

A total of 21 different keynote presentations were made at the summit, where 24 different business people and among them, Vemaker founders Alper GÖKÇER and Kerem GENÇLER were speakers.

These opportunities offered to people in the Metaverse world will continue by transforming into different activities.

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