March 16, 2022 - Vemaker
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Toyota – Lexus 2022 Agency Strategy Meeting was held at Vemaker’s Network Foyer and Conference Hall!

In the organization attended by 150 people in total, 14 speakers who made presentations on the giant screen by making use of the possibilities of the metaverse and technology, successfully completed their presentations, while the audience had the opportunity to participate just like in a physical organization. There were 4 moderated panels at the meeting. Full efficiency was obtained from the meeting, which lasted for 9 hours.

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Corp. together with the agencies and other organizations that serve it, organized its annual traditional meeting, this time on the Metaverse platform, the favorite technology lately, as a closed session. To the Metaverse meeting held for the first time in the automotive industry in Turkey, more than 100 representatives from the service providers attended, along with Toyota executives and employees.

These opportunities offered to people in the Metaverse world will continue to transform into different activities.


While 200 people participated in Vemekar’s Metaverse, 100 people preferred to participate physically in the organization where ideas that will shape the future of banking competed for the grand prize.

The participants exhibited their solutions and ideas on social responsibility and sustainability, digital banking user experience and design, new generation customer communication and innovative products and services. An organization that will change the future with ideas was held with the Hackathon, which was organized with the thought of shaping the future of digital finance with blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the internet of things.

The conference organized in the Vemaker platform; 4 different areas were used:  Foyer, The Stand Area, The Conference Hall and The Physical Broadcasting Hall. The event, which was took 1 day in metaverse and 1 day with physical presentations, lasted 2 full days!

Final Presentations in Metaverse!

Presentations and an award ceremony were held in the live broadcast studio on the last day of the event, where 3 people presented in Metaverse and 10 people presented physically.

The teams competing in 5 different categories, the competitors who entered the top five with their innovative ideas, and the teams that made it to the final also received their awards.

By broadcasting live in Vemaker, the participants were able to follow the conference actively and came together in both the virtual and physical world.


These opportunities offered to people in the Metaverse world will continue to transform into different activities.

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VEMAKER has made the first “St. Valentine’da Day Party” in metaverse.
With the dress-code of “ Single – Taken – Complicated” ; those who are alone wore white, those who are in a complicated relationship wore blue and those who were involved in a relationship wore yellow! 

Before the party launched, 360 attendants in total created their avatars. With the dress- code (white blue and yellow) their outfit actually reflected their relationship status. They have created their avatars according to their taste of choice. 

Vemaker in cooperation with Tenkap, 2 different areas were in use.  One of which was the Network area and the other was amfi theaters with different genres of music according to taste. 


The Night Was Marked With Special DJ Songs!
During the 6-hour party, a dance feast took place in the amphitheater, where different kinds of music was played. At the same time, the participants had the opportunity to spend time with each other by having the chance to have private conversations.


We are breaking grounds in metaverse in Turkey together!

These opportunities offered to people in the Metaverse world will continue to transform into different activities.